Thursday, June 2, 2011

tall, dark, and mischievous?

sometimes at work (because i'm a girl, mostly) funny things will happen. guys who drop the f-bomb every other word and generally act like they hate people will smile and open the door for me. sometimes when i'm being silly and i curtsy at people, they will try and curtsy back [always humorous]. sometimes when you're walking to another office across the yard, a guy in a water truck will try and spray you with water on purpose (even though you are carrying a computer...). and sometimes, i get called some funny things. for instance, cher. at least 2 or 3 different guys at work have made that reference. i've also gotten elvira (ew). and the latest and greatest? of the guys started calling me natasha. at first i didn't get it, and i thought that he just thought that was my name. then someone made the connection for me, that its natasha from bullwinkle.

today i had the privilege of riding around with the guy who started this, and he was like "well, you're tall and skinny and have dark hair. and you're married, so it was a good way to remember you two: boris and natasha!" he later admitted he still didn't know my real name, but i thought it was funny so he's allowed to call me natasha. he also asked if i even knew what bullwinkle was, and i was like "DUHHH, we used to have a Rocky and Bullwinkle movie and it was the best ever and i'd watch it like once a week!!" it was pretty funny.

i'll take natasha. she's pretty snazzy, minus the crazy eyebrows. i dont think josh is very fond of the comparison to boris, so maybe we'll just forget about that one...

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Lisa said...

I'd have to agree, while Natasha might work for you, it doesn't fit Josh as well. Just based on appearance Josh is not short, fat, or have a weird mustache. But I've never met Josh so maybe he is known for his espionage, mayhem, general mischief, and other heinous crimes.