Sunday, May 29, 2011

kitty montage

yesterday i sat in bed reading and relaxing, and my little cuddle bug came and found me. he was adorable, and it made reading that much more enjoyable :) was torture time. for the record it wasn't my idea, but i ended up helping. about once or twice a year we give jay-z a bath. we have this lavender mint animal shampoo that makes him all fluffy and [apparently] smell really good. we used the kitchen sink since it has one of those sprayer things, which made it go more smoothly than when we gave him baths at our apartment, when it was just under the faucet.

this is poor little kitty afterwards. he wasnt too happy with us. i blowdried him off a bit so he would stop shivering.

and then he sat in the corner and got to business. poor little kitty!

last night we went to dinner at costa vida and then went and saw bridesmaids again. it really is hilarious. we'll do a movie review soon... speaking of reviews, and cats, i finally did the review for african cats on we review last week.

are you guys doing anything fun for the long weekend?


Wonderland Papers said...

Aww poor guy! That reminds me, our cat probably needs a bath too.


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i was just thinking how fiona needs a bath so she'll quit shedding all the time. i'm awfully afraid of her talons, tho. she's tiny but mighty.

jz looks so cute and fluffy!