Tuesday, February 22, 2011

playing catch up!

again, i have no idea how people work like 50-60 hours a week and still blog. no idea. anyways, here is me playing catch up!

first, i would like to publicly thank my friend paige. she is such a sweetheart, and sent me this ADORABLE shirt!! [confession: ...i might have worn it 2 days in a row...i'm obsessed!]

please check out her rockin shop here. she also sent me the cutest barette, but i think jay-z might have found it, because i'm not sure where it's gone.. anyways, i can't wait to see her on project runway some day! thank you SO MUCH paige, you're a doll!! ♥

sunday church outfit.
shirt and boots from paige. skirt made by me. tights from F21.

also, this weekend we painted like CRAZY. my hands/arms were hurting! we finished all the paint on the first floor (yay!), and did the accent wall in the bedroom. here is a sneak peek of the bedroom so far:

the flash was on in this, so the wall looks kind of blue. it's purple in real life. you can kind of get the feel of the color in the following picture (taken w/o flash)

by the way, my mom made that gorgeous quilt on our bed. she is freakishly talented. love you mom!

and lastly, i played hairdresser tonight. josh has been growing his hair out since christmas, partly because we were in arizona for a month, and partly because i wanted to see what it would look like. of course he was cute, but it kind of drove him crazy (he's a little ocd...)


after. see how much happier he looked after it was cut? haha, he's cute :)

phew! i think i'm mostly caught up now. i did build a vanity last night from ikea, but i won't show that until we have the room reveals! just trying to keep you in suspense... haha


Mandi said...

Your room looks fantastic! Glad to hear from you, I've missed your posts (:

Laura said...

Love that top and skirt. Great colors in your room, love lots of color!

Emily said...

YOU ARE SUCH A HOTTIE!!! and you're bedroom looks awesome. can't wait to see you sunday!!!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

purple! love it! it does look amazing with that beautiful quilt.

can't wait to see the rest of the reveal!

communikate. said...

great outfit.

i'm NOT jealous of your painting adventures in the slightest bit though!