Monday, August 2, 2010


a bit after i wrote that post sunday night, i had to go back to the ER. i couldn't hold any liquids [i threw up like 10 times in a span of a few hours, and one of those times included when waiting for meds at walgreens. lovely, huh?] and couldn't use the restroom [at all]. so josh drove me back and i had to wait in the lobby for over an hour to get admitted. ER waiting rooms are SO annoying. they say people are admitted based on "the severity of their ailment". that's a lie. a girl who came in after i did with a swollen foot, and a boy who came in well after i did with a cut finger BOTH went in before me. i'm like *hellooo...there is a KIDNEY STONE stuck inside of me, i can't stop throwing up, and I CAN'T PEE!!!* it was slightly frustrating to say the least.

when i finally got admitted i got my own little room in the ER and the doctor came and checked me out. now, because i was on pain meds and zofran the whole time, the order in which things happened is a little unclear to me. i think sunday morning i had gotten a catscan, which is when they determined the stone was 4.5 mm. apparently that is on the border of a stone being passable (up to 4 mm) by yourself, or too big that you need help (4+ mm). so when i was having all that trouble sunday night, they decided to admit me to the hospital (not just the ER). it took forever [of course] for this to happen, but around 1am i finally got set up in my own room upstairs. i made josh go home around 12:40, since he was silly enough not to eat anything all day, and had to work the next morning. oh, i also got a catheter sunday night, which sucked.

monday morning i was woken up by a guy who told me i needed an xray done. i'm pretty sure i rolled over and ignored him several times before it became clear to me that it was real life and i needed to wake up. i'm sure i looked worse than a hot mess (although i didnt have my contacts in so i wouldnt reallly know) as i got wheeled down to get an xray done. they were checking the location of the stone to see exactly what needed to be done. well, the stone was right under my kidney so they couldn't just take it out. so i got put under and they put a stint up there to help until i could get another surgery to blast the stone up into a ton of pieces. josh skipped work to come be with me, which was really sweet, and his parents came and visited too. after the stint was in place i was wheeled back up to my room apparently (i was knocked out). when i woke up i almost immediately pushed the button for pain meds. it started beeping and then going crazy and i was all worried. the nurse came in and was like "did this go off all by itself?!" and i guiltily admitted, "umm...i pushed it..." busted! haha.

a bit later i had to get another x-ray to make sure where everything was located again, and afterwards the x-ray tech was like "is there a wire on you?" i had no idea what she was talking about, and she even looked at my stomach, before she finally asked, "did they put some kind of tube in you?" and i was like "ohhhhh...they put a stint in there." it was pretty funny. around 7pm i was finally allowed to go home. we went back to walgreens and got more drugs, but i didnt throw up this time. the guy working remembered us and said that was the first time someone ever barfed at the pharmacy when he was working haha. i was embarassed, but then he shared a story that made me feel better about myself (think of a husband taking birth control for his wife because it made her sick, them getting pregnant, and having no idea how it happened hahaha). thankfully monday night i could start eating real food, and our friends brought us panda express over.

so tomorrow (wednesday) i am getting the stone blasted up. today i am at home all hopped up on drugs and drinking tons of fluids. this has been quite an interesting experience, and one i hope to never go through again. unfortunately they say if you ever get one, theyre easier to get again. phooey! anyways, thanks to everyone who has been so nice and brought us food, visited, etc. i heart you all.


Hearthandmade said...

Im telling ye... pints of water.. just drink them whe u are on the toilet! I know how excruciating the pain is.. trust me... i get so sore i get dizzy! hot water bottle on the kidney area, while ur sitting on the loo.. and just drink and drink and drink and drink. DO NOT DRINK ANY CAFFINE! NONE AT ALL!!! loads and loads and loads and loads of water. Cranberry juice is good too but not as good as water of herbal caffine free tea.

Thank u so much for ur comment!! I am drugged to high do on a daily basis just to function really. Seriously.. I have to take around 30 pills a day and that is just from a birth defect getting worse over the years. So im just waiting on surgery now to be passed but the pills seem to work. I have to take a lot of pain meds too but when the pain comes I am FLOORED for about a week and i cant move from my bed. So i feels ur pain :) Im ok.. Im a happy kinda chapy! cany u tell from my blog?! lol I hope u feel better xoxo

The Blairs said...

Sounds perfectly miserable. Except, did they feed you at all? Because I LOVE hospital food. I hope they get it taken care of on Wednesday and it never happens again. Let us know if there is anything we can do. We should have yall over to dinner in the next few weeks (when I'm feeling better). The kids (especially Bunny) are dying to see you guys. Love you.

yours truly dear said...

i am so sorry claire. i can't even imagine. i have been trying to drink a ton, and everytime my husband or mom call/text me theyre like DRINK UP! you are such a sweetheart, i hope things get better for you and that they can find someway to stop all the problems!!

and sarah, i was so sad we couldn't go see you guys on sunday. it was a horrid day though. and yeah, i just found out how expensive everything is going to be and i'm so stressed i am beside myself. we are hoping to work something out with the doctor/surgery center/hospital so we won't be broke and paying off medical bills for years. i'm trying not to think about it so i can stop crying. i hope everything goes well at the dentist. i got 1 meal at the hospital and only ate the rolls, strawberries, and desserts. after not eating for 2 days it was lovely.

Kimberly said...

Where'd your xray tech get their credentials? Any tech worth salt will know what a stent looks like on an abdomen film. Yikes! (Yes, i have a license to be able to say that.) Hope all goes well tomorrow and you pee all the pieces out quickly. Love you!