Sunday, August 1, 2010

2 things:

1. confession: it was a wig. haha. now i can switch up my hair whenever i want!

2. i feel horrid right now. well, i have all day. i woke up with incredible pain in the kidney areas. i've suspected that i may be having kidney problems since thursday or friday, but the pain was just a dull ache before, so initially i thought i was sore from hiking. but today changed all that, and the pain was so bad i went to the ER. turns out i have a kidney stone. this is one of the worst experiences of my life, and i feel sorry for anyone who gets these. hopefully it will be over soon, cross your fingers for me.


rubi said...

Glad that was a wig.
Kidney stones suck, apparently they are worse than childbirth :(
Get better!

The Blairs said...

Not worse than childbirth, not worse than a gallbladder attack, but definitely not fun.

I had one 3 weeks ago, and I had 3 when I was pregnant with Griffin. Just drink tons of water, it really does help. I've also heard putting lemon in the water helps break down the stone.

I've got a massive tooth issue today. Have to go to the dentist first thing in the morning. Hoping it's not going to be a root canal. I'm more scared of the dentist than anything.

Get well soon.

Hearthandmade said...

i have a rare kidney disorder and i have suffered forever.. people have told me the pain of stones is worse than childbirth (i just read that there again in the first comment) lol and i have had these.. ive also had kidney infections twice a month for 3 years...because of the kidney disorder and scarred kidneys. almost killed me a couple of times after they poisoned my blood... dialysis.. profelactic drugs.. now surgeries.. It is awful.... I hope you are feeling better. A hot water bottle on the kidneys helps. And i know this is gross but when i get them and im constantly running to the loo i usually have a GIANT cup of green tea (at the toilet) and 2 pint glasses full of water... honestly.. keep drinking.. AND there are ways to dissolve them... i cant remember what i took in the hospital but it was like a miracle. If all else fails.. go for the drugs! good luck xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've had kidney stones twice. They are no fun at all. Like "The Blairs" said, they are not worse that childbirth. I've done that twice also. I ended up in the ER too and thankfully they gave me some great meds to knock out the pain. Good luck!

Liv said...

Hmmm, my childbirth was pretty painless, so I'll let you wallow in the kidney pain :)

You can't get an epidural for kidney stones!

Hang in there guys!

Happy Together said...

They are the worst! I had my first when I was pregnant. And guess what, it got stuck and there was nothing they could do about it except put in a stint so my urine wouldn't back up. It was the most terrible pain in my life. I had to go on disability and was on pain medicine my whole pregnancy. I could go on and on about it all, but it ended up taking 3 surgeries to get everything back in order after I gave birth. I feel you! I hope yours passes quickly!

yours truly dear said...

it has been no fun at all, but i am hanging in there with the help of some friends (percocet, zofran, something that helps so it doesnt hurt when i pee, etc). i'm so sorry to anyone who has had these before or anything like them. yikes!