Monday, June 14, 2010

hello friends ♥

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i have been busy lately. and i feel like i didnt have much to blog about. so here is the last few days for your reading... pleasure?

thursday: sick. called out of work and literally slept until 4pm. it was not very fun.

friday: became a legit grownup and bought car and health insurance. went on a fun lunch date with a friend. got ready for the farmers market. saw my friends humongous engagement ring (shout out--congrats betsy!!). movie night w/joshy-poo.

saturday: farmers market! it was our first week. we made our money back plus a little, which wasnt bad considering all the elements were against us: bad weather, orem summerfest, springville art fest, and the provo marathon. i think it will only pick up from here, and i hope we can start making a name for ourselves. at night we hung out with friends and had fun.

sunday: went to church. watched a movie. had delicious dinner at the inlaws. crafted and watched lost.

today: it was orientation at work. so we sat around and learned about safety and ethics and stuff. my stomach hurt all day which didn't add to the enjoyable-ness of it all.

wow, my life is SO interesting, right? hahahaha sorry to bore you.
did you do anything fun this weekend?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha, I didn't have much of an interesting weekend either. Welcome to being an adult =-p

Kimberly said...

Went to the GRAND CANYON with the most perfect friends! It can't be trumped. :)

yours truly dear said...

ok ok, my mom wins for best weekend :P haha