Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hi...i'm rugged

hi. i'm a hydro tech in the summers. i walk streams and do surveys and take notes, etc. and to prove to you that i do indeed go out in the forest and rough it, here are some pictures:

workin hard for the money

yes. it has snowed lately in utah. lovely, huh?

like shooter (i'm mark wahlberg). this was pretty steep, and the snow patch was bigger than it looks like in the picture. i was a little scared i would fall and hurt myself.

we found this huge teepee in the woods made from branches. at first i was scared there might be a hobo in there (or worse) but it was safe and sound, so of course i had to check it out :]

this picture is oddly artistic

this was right before some snow. it was frigid out.

fun, huh? well...sometimes. i'm trying to have a better attitude about it so i can survive the rest of the summer. it sure is whipping me into shape though with all that hiking. yikes. goodnight now! ♥

1 comment:

liz canaan roberts said...

dude. you are. so rugged.

love all the photos.
wanna live in that teepee, just for a little while.