Sunday, May 23, 2010

the newest addition

josh's parents got a new dog this week! he is a yellow lab, like hunter was. they named him Eli, which is a family name. they got him from the pound, and he is around 3 or 4 years old. he is adorable and full of energy! we went over there this afternoon to meet him, and i took some pictures on my phone:

his tongue is huge; its kind of funny

rolling around

he loves his bone. he's already buried it in several locations.

isn't he cute?

we are very happy to have this new little ball of energy in the family. josh's dad has been training him and he is doing really well. the only bad thing is the cat, chauncy. unfortunately, they don't get along (by chauncy's choice). when eli was brought home at first the cat was excited and came bounding over because he thought it was hunter. he quickly realized it wasn't hunter and hissed and clawed. sad, huh? so now chauncy's new territory is the front of the house, and eli has the back yard. they are slowly working on getting them to be friends. hopefully it works out!

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