Thursday, April 29, 2010

what's in my purse, you ask?

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NOW, so you know how everyone has done that "what's in your purse" blogpost, and it's always interesting to see what kind of kookyness or cuteness is hiding inside peoples purses. wellll...tonight it was my intention to clean my purse and then document it, but it was just way too funny. so, this is my post: what isn't in my purse!?

exhibit a: the purse

exhibit b: my wallet and phone

exhibit c: the aftermath of cleaning out my purse. that is one big pile of receipts and papers to be recycled in the middle there...

yes, all of this fit inside my purse. minus the cat (although he probably could have fit).

and for some "highlights" (besides all the pens and coupons haha*):

3 different notebooks, checkbook, and tissues

remember how i went to that range/plant conference in denver in february?
i got this to put on my name tag and forgot. it's pretty funny i thought.
us nerdy conservation people have to have fun somehow...

lint roller, gum, tide pen, lip gloss, clinique face repair stuff, 2 kinds of hand sanitizer, more lip gloss, lotion, wisps, vintage ring, mac powder, hair thing, joke sunglasses won at an arcade, and my real sunglasses

i always have food. someone once called me an old lady because i love snacks and always have food in my bag. earlier today i had more but then i ate 2 packs of pb crackers at work...

crazy, right? good thing i cleaned it out, i've been meaning to do that for a long time now. now to decide what to put back in... yikes!

*i also found my name tag that we wear in church haha


Erin said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting all of that stuff to be in there when I saw your purse in exhibit A. Thanks for sharing!

Liv said...

That's like mine. I accidentally wore it on the scale at my Dr. appt this week and I FREAKED b/c I thought I'd gained 5 lbs in ONE DAY.

Dallin and Ashley said...

love it, it is scary how much stuff gets in there.

Wonderland Papers said...

Yay for big purses. I could never be a small purse person, there is just always way too much to carry.

Honeybee said...

I am insanely jealous of your wild range woman ribbon from the SRM. If you ever see one make sure you get another for me! You should just add it onto your name tag for church. That would be too sweet.

aubrey said...

Oh purse is the same way. I haven't done one of these posts because I think it might upset me to see all my crap laid out. I carry EVERYTHING and my husband is always telling me to get a smaller bag. He doesn't realize I NEED all those things (and he always asks if I have bandaids, tylenol, tissues, etc.) I have been thinking it is time to switch to a more summery bag though, so maybe....You have given me confidence :)