Friday, April 30, 2010

faves in picture form

saw this on my girl's blog after i do. we're really just blog friends, but that counts as real friends, right? hahaha ♥

1. Favorite hobby?crafting

2. Favorite tv show?project runway

3. Favorite restaurant food?
red robin's BLTA (having it tonight! yummmm!)

4. Favorite thing to shop for?
i love forever 21.
even tho josh says their mannequins always look like they're pooping (kinda true, huh?)

5. Favorite animal?
(i like cats too, but i love dogs. see my dog emma in the last pic. soooo cute!)

6. Favorite song?anything by queen. i ♥ them

7. Favorite word?lately it's "thank you" said in a funny, prissy way

8. Recent favorite youtube video?

it's a classic...

9. Favorite movie?best in show

10. Favorite childhood memory?
playing. playgrounds. fun.

tag, you're it!
[all pics from flickr or weheartit]


Brooke said...

Jess, sorry to stalk you, but I just wanted to say that all these pictures are so, so pretty. I hope you're doing great!

Andhari said...

Ooh Forever 21. I absolutely believe the place could drive me crazy with their uber cute accessories..

yours truly dear said...

brooke, i love blog stalkers!! welcome to the blog :] and anhari, i seriously have a problem with that store hahaha

Kristin said...

I could so go for a BLT right now!

kirkland said...

Queen is the best. Wonderful pick!

Whit said...

So Jess, I absolutely love Best in Show. My whole family does, but no one else ever knows about it! I mention it to people whenever they talk about Jane Lynch and no one knows what I'm talking about. So, your post made me happy that someone else has heard of this hilarious movie. Me and my little sister do the leg walk at the end when the blonde lady twists her ankle or whatever. Love it.

yours truly dear said...

ahaha its my favorite. seriously hilarious :]

Kristine said...

Haha, that's funny about the Forever 21 mannequins, because I always walk by those windows and think they look like they reeeeeeally need to pee. Either way, awkward!! :)