Monday, March 15, 2010

story time

ok, so you want to know why i had this little vote? on sunday we were sitting in church and josh was pointing out color patterns i was wearing. i had a yellow coat on, green sweater, green elastic on my wrist, and yellow in my necklace. so josh goes:

"green" (points at sweater)
"yellow" (points at coat)
"green" (points at elastic)
"yellow" (points at necklace)
"green" (points at my ring)

i was like "...umm...what did you say!?" and he goes "" and then we sat there looking at eachother like we were crazy people. i started laughing and went "umm, you think THIS is green!!??" and he was like "umm, yeah..." which really made me laugh since i knew he wasnt kidding.

you see, josh has said some questionable colors for items in the past. for example, dorris has this adorable yellow shirt. its kind of mustard-y, and has little white flowers on it (i think). one time she was wearing it at our house and josh goes "ugh, nice purple shirt..." and we all turned and stared at him. of course he didnt know what we were all looking bothered by and finally dorris was like "josh? this is know, the color yellow?" it took a while to convince him. theres been lots of other examples, but that is the biggest one that sticks out in my mind.

back to the story, i was like no josh, you are crazy, this ring is blue. to which he adamently stated was false, and even texted his brother asking what color aquamarine is. yes, the stone in my ring IS aquamarine (which can be a blue to blue-green color). but when you look at MY ring, you would call it blue. you would never ever ever call it green. it doesnt even look blue-green, it just looks blue. so i had to call the masses and set josh straight. thank you for agreeing with me. ♥

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Andhari said...

Lol my brother's quite like that. But I'm glad I'm right. It's more blue than green!

liz canaan roberts said...

maybe Josh is color blind. my dad is color blind and he thinks it's all some kind of conspiracy, because when he asks multiple people what the color of some object is, he'll get varying answers, like: "green" "forest green" "jade"...etc. so he's convinced we're just sort of making it up.

i always tell him that when he dies and goes to heaven he'll get it, but he just says, "no. everything will be white; beautifully white".

Honeybee said...

I also think that Josh must be partially color blind. You should get him tested...I really can't believe that story about him saying Dorris was wearing the wrong color...are you sure he was not just "joshing you" like at the hypnotist that one time? You thought he was serious then too.

Anonymous said...

1. The light in our house makes colors look weird, so the yellow of her shirt and the yellow of the light made it look purple. I stand by that one.
2. The ring is blue GREEN. It has green in it. Maybe my eyes pick up the green more.
3. You're all color blind...and crazy!!!!

Juji said...

The Marine makes it GREEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

1590s, "bluish-GREEN type of beryl," from Fr. or Prov., from Latin aqua marina "sea water," from aqua "water" + marina, fem. of marinus "of the sea." Apparently first used as a description of a bluish-GREEN color by John Ruskin, 1846. Abbreviation aqua is attested from 1936.