Sunday, March 14, 2010

diy: betty crocker style

so our friends invited us over for dinner tonight, and asked if we could bring dessert. i was like "yeah, sure!" but then i was like ummm...what in the world am i going to make!?! then, i remembered this:

for the record, this is not an original idea. it came from my awesome betty crocker calendar. february was my favorite month, at least for the calender, because it had this fantastic little idea (which is super easy but makes you look better cooking-wise). [and because this calender was free, and i'm citing betty crocker, i don't feel bad about showing you all how to do it]

the calender. dont you love my kitchen wallpaper? it came with the apartment haha ♥
ok, so brownies! you need: brownie mix and stuff to mix in (eggs, oil, water), frosting, sprinkles, cookie cutter, wax paper, tin foil

mix the brownies, have oven on 350, put tin foil in pan first and spray it, then pour the batter in. bake for however long the box says (26 minutes?)

let the brownies cool for like an hour. then take the tin foil out of the pan

here was my set up. i started cutting hearts out of the brownies and then placing them on the wax paper.

cute, right?

heat up your frosting in the microwave (uncovered) for like 30 seconds, and stir it up

pour/drizzle/spatula your frosting on. i found a spatula to work best.

put the sprinkles on right after the frosting so they'll stay all melty in it.

arent they cute?

josh came over and asked, "where's the drizzle?" i was like "umm, what are you talking about" but then looked at the calender and the brownies have cute drizzle stuff on them. so, it would maybe look prettier if you drizzled and then sprinkled, but whaturr.

luckily i had this in my cabinet from when i was going to make cupcakes for something and then didnt have time. it worked perfectly.

the final product (it made a few more than this but the other hearts were kind of ugly because i didnt cut them out very well...shhh!)! we put an S and a C on two of the hearts for our friends shannon and clark. i know, we are adorable (duh). and really, mine didnt look near as pretty as the calendars' brownies, but oh well. im no martha. excuse me, i mean betty!

ps: you still have til monday at midnight to enter my giveaway!! go do it!!

pps: thanks for commenting on my little vote. keep voting if you havent, and i will share the story tomorrow. ha ha ha.


isabella whitney said...

these look sooo yummy! nicely done!

Amarettogirl said...

What fun!! And how sweet - reminds me of the drawing I did last night (you can see it on my blog) it all about SWEETNEss like your yummy hearts!!