Friday, March 5, 2010

oh deer

have i ever mentioned the "oh deer" story before? its actually josh's story, but whaturr. he was working a few summers ago and they were out in the field driving to a site (he does vegetation measurement stuff). josh and i are known for saying "oh dear" a lot, since its just a habit of mine to say. all of a sudden he saw a deer running towards the van and started exclaiming oh deer! oh deer! oh deer! and everyone was like "what...?" turns out the deer ran into the side of their van. it did a flip off the van and then ran away. CRAZY STORY, right? true, tho.

anyways, i have found about 100+ new blogs to check thanks to my new indie biz class. and since you all know i am OBSESSED with blogs, this is very dangerous. which is why i am cutting myself off from looking at them right now so i can work and make some money.

[what i feel like now]

as you can see (from above), i am having a cold-relapse. i thought i was getting all better. but then josh got my sickness and then now my sniffling and coughing is back. shoot me. but literally, i do have a photoshoot tomorrow for OUR SHOP DEBUT and i cant very well look like rudolph, right? i need to start smearing the vicks asap.

[what i need to look like tomorrow. or better.]


Honeybee said...

Was the deer story while he worked for the DWR the first summer? If so, I was totally in the car too. I freaked out and closed my eyes and may have even screamed slightly. Weird experience for sure!

yours truly dear said...

hahaha yeah that was the story. it cracks me up every time :]