Tuesday, March 2, 2010

judge judy is funny

my fabulous friend liz made a button for our store!!! it's on the right side (over there------->) so all you have to do is copy the code in the box and make an html widget for your blog and paste the code! (if you could do that i will probably love you forever).

now, to a different matter, my birthday is coming up (march 23). and since i am completely selfish, here is my wishlist. [this is mostly for fun, fyi!]. want to know something weird? a lot of times when i see a number-- it is my birthday. i always happen to look at the time when its 3:23, for example. weird, huh? my brother-in-law has a weird number like that too that he always sees. i think its 717. anything happen to you like that?

to wrap up this bunch of randomness, here is a daily picture of jay-z, for your viewing pleasure ♥

he likes to lounge in our bed all day. especially when i dont make it (which is every day...i mean whats the point, right?)

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liz canaan roberts said...

i always happen to glance at the clock when it's 4:20. he, he.

Gary said...

You are way too funny. I have a wishlist too.

xoxoKrysten said...

Lol, I'm totally giggling out loud.

Andhari said...

Every girl should have a wish list on her birthday ;)

ps. Jay-z is so cute!

Cali of PassionBird said...

I don't think I look at the clock enough! This is why I'm almost always running behind. Happy early birthday! And thank you for stopping by my blog.

Parker said...

You are too cute!
You were my 50th follower.
Thank you for checking out my blog.
much love,
Fritzi Marie

elycia said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog. i love cats :)