Monday, March 1, 2010

ok, here's where you come in...

and help me ♥ hahaha.

ok, so as you MAY know by now, darci and i have a store in the works. we have decided (due to some lack of time and mostly lack of funds) to kick it off etsy-style, and just do a grand re-opening of sorts of my etsy shop. we are hoping to do a photoshoot this saturday and then post all of our beauties asap!

so first of all, i want you to be excited! yayyyyy! excited yet? (you better be!)

second, i want to make a button. you know, like have it on my sidebar with an html code so you can put it on your blogs. kapeish? now...HOW DO YOU DO THAT!? i've googled the doodoo out of it, and i cant understand all the hard html stuff. so, i have to consult my partner, but i'm thinking about having it tied to this picture:

so. do you like the above picture as a blog button thing? and...does anyone want to make a little html button/code box thing for me? [cough...for free...cough]

what to do now: become a fan on facebook by clicking here
+let me know what you think of that pic
+let me know if you know how to do the blog button thing

we have been stocking up our inventory, and business cards are about to be printed. we are going all out, baby, and we hope you are with us for the ride!!


liz canaan roberts said...

done and done! there's now a lovely button on my blog for: yours truly dear. check it out.

p.s. if you want a different image, send it to me or post it on your blog and i'll hook it up.

love ya!

xoxoKrysten said...

Yay to new Etsy shops! So much fun!

yours truly dear said...

liz you are AWESOME!!!

angelina la dawn said...

good luck! can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)