Monday, February 22, 2010

sisters: a series, part vi

in case you are new to the blog, i am doing a series on people that are such good friends that they are like a sister. this post will be on my sweet friend ashley. take a looksie:

ashley was super prego, and this was her in the hospital waiting to get the little guy out!

ashley and baby!! he is adorable

one time i got this blue wig. and ashley looked hot w/it on

blowing bubbles at our wedding

story one: how we met
dallin (ashleys husband) and joshua grew up together in florida. so they go way back. so one time when josh and i were dating, we decided to go over there and hang out so they could check me out and stuff. haha. so we went to their condo and i was all shy and stuff. they had cats which i tried to play with, but they were shy too. then we went to go play a game at the table and i quoted britney spears. from that moment on, we were bff.

story two: how jay-z came to be
one time we were hanging out with ashley and dallin, and happened to be driving by petsmart. on a whim, we decided to go in. [actually, i think they needed something so we stopped since we were by it]. then, we went to go look at the cats. i am a pet person, and so is josh, so we were drawn to the pets. then we started justifying that we could have a cat and hide him and stuff, and then ashley started going around the store and picking up cat basic needs for us. we went home with a cat, and they helped us name him jay-z. so basically, jay-z can thank his existence to ashley. she's his godmother.

story three: her best quality
ashley is the sweetest girl ever! she will help you with anything! one time i was going to go take my bridal pictures, and i didnt want to pay to get a fresh bouquet. she offered to help make me one (like out of plastic flowers). she went with me to the craft store and helped me pick out all the flowers and all the stuff i needed. then we went to my crappy apt (at the was a dive but it was so cheap i didnt care) and then proceeded to make the entire bouquet for me. it was beautiful. she really is extremely sweet and is always caring and helpful.

i threw it at my reception too. isnt it lovely?

story four: why i love ashley
like i said, ashley is super sweet. she is also quite funny, and is always good for a guaranteed [or should i say gerontdeed?] laugh. we have multiple inside jokes and sayings. she likes crafty things and supports my crafting hobbies/business. she is extremely nice and always willing to help out. her and dallin are fun to hang out with (oh, and they indulge my candy addiction haha, which i love). and of course, she is a hot momma and has an adorable son.

i love you ashley! thanks for being such a great friend! ♥