Monday, February 22, 2010

embarrassing story of the day

ok, so i HATE my physical science class. LOATHE it in fact. i cannot mentally comprehend physics. so today i am sitting in class and its a review day. we sit in an auditorium classroom, with over 100 students. so, the teacher is going through these different experiments or something. i had no idea what was going on, so i was emailing my cousin. i was simultaneously listening to him, but not looking at him or anything. so then he goes, "what is [some term i dont know or remember]? about you, in the white hat.....with your laptop open....hello, white hat?" this whole time i'm like *oh good, white hat, not me* and then i look up just to make sure. the teacher is staring RIGHT AT ME. i was like " hat is green. sorry, thats why i didnt know you were talking to me." to which he awkwardly was like "umm, ok. now.. what is this [term or experiment or something]?" almost panicking, i managed to stutter out, "i dont know, and i would prefer you called on someone else" and then put my head back down. i wanted to disappear on the spot. or run out of the room. or die. ultimately it just added to my hatred of the horrible class. i mean out of 100 something students, he just had to call on me!? rude...

ps: do you know twizzles is an ice dancing term? i just heard it on the olympics haha.

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Jon Ulf said...

If you need help conceptualizing physics stuff, I'm really good at it. Just shoot me an e-mail or something. I explain that sort of thing to my wife all the time.

yours truly dear said...

maybe i should hire you as a tutor. it's all over my head haha.