Monday, February 22, 2010

sisters: a series, part vii

in case you are new to the blog, i am doing a series on people that are such good friends that they are like a sister. this post will be on my favorite little asian, my dear friend amy. and because we've been friends for a long time, and we are both friends with sarah (who takes lots of pictures)-- we have a lot of fun pics together ♥

sarah and amy became friends through me. cute, huh? this is when sarah left to go on her mission

camping at little sahara

one of my bridesmaids!

dancing at my reception

amy had a party one time and we went and ate good food she made. i believe this was fall 07? maybe winter/spring 08? i cant remember...

same camping trip at little sahara haha. she was all cute and i was...not.

amy is good to me and visits me

cutest asian ever, right?

story one: how we met
as most of you know i am a mormon, and go to church. it was at church, my sophomore year ('06), that i met amy. she was so cute i instantly wanted to be friends with her. so i started talking to her. she went on a mission for the church, and at the time i was thinking about doing the same. so she took me under her wing and we became bff. she has a very strong and sweet spirit that i have always appreciated and enjoyed.

story two: why i'm fat now
amy and i used to go work out at the byu gym every morning. well, almost every morning. sometimes we'd get a call from eachother being all groggy and apologizing because we couldnt get up haha. but most of the time, we would go. it was early too, like 6-something am! [my sophomore year i was probably the most fit i've ever been, thanks to working out with amy, and having done body for life w/an old friend/roommate]. amy was good motivation to go to the gym too, because she is tiny. you could fit her in your pocket. its pretty cute.

story three: liberal love
amy was really smart and then she graduated with a degree in political science. she knows all about politics and stuff. oh, and she's a democrat (like me!). at byu (and utah in general) almost everyone is republican. it was so refreshing to be able to talk to someone about liberal views without being worried about getting my head chopped off. amy was so smart in political science that now she lives in california and works for a government official. luckily for me she is nice and comes to visit me :]

story four: why i love amy
when i got married, amy was in switzerland at a womens rights conference. not denver or vegas or something, switzerland. and she flew back to utah for my wedding. can you believe that? she is the sweetest, nicest, smartest, cutest girl ever and i am so glad i am her friend. amy has always been supportive of me and all my decisions, and has helped me through everything. hard times, good times, fun times--she was there for all of it and i have a great amount of respect and appreciation for her. she is super smart, and seriously has the best style ever. maybe if i lost about 50 pounds i could steal all her clothes haha.

thanks for being such a fabulous friend amy! i love you!! ♥


Amy said...

Jess I love you so much!

Whenever I think of you I felt like you were one of those great gifts that I've ever received from being in BYU. I love you and treasure all those great moments that we spent together.

I seriously miss working out with you... I don't work out diligently any more (I need you :D).

I miss you so much! I loved you, love you and will always love you!

Simone J said...

Hey there! I'm a fellow student of Indie Business 2.0. I've created a group on Facebook to tide us over until the class starts. Come join if you'd like!!/group.php?gid=329139166305&ref=ts


Elizabeth Marie said...

I LIVE for these posts! Amy sounds amazing, and lady you are so lucky to have such amazing friends. We'd be such good friends :) Are you watching the Olympics because I can.not.stop. hahaha

Miss you! I hope you're doing well! XOXO

MiVidaAsi said...

Wooooow. What a hottie. I LLOVE her.....LOVE LOVE LOVE LLOOOOVEEEE her!

yours truly dear said...

i totally forgot to ever comment back. liz, i watched the olympics every freaking day like all day long. i was obsessed. and move to utah so we can be real life bff hahaha :]