Saturday, November 14, 2009

remember this?

we got married in may 2008, then i cut my hair off. im glad i waited til after our wedding, because then my hair looked good for my pictures haha. when i cut was...questionable.
so it was cut on a diagonal, with the shortest being what is seen on the right side of my face (when you're looking at the picture. it isnt behind my back or anything, it's that short on that side). sometime in fall 2008 i cut my hair all the same length, and it was considerably 2008 hair (all one length, but a little shorter)

that was then, this is now. weird, huh? my hair is super long and i love it. i mean, it takes FOREVER to do, but i still love it. especially when i have time to do it and make it purty.


Andhari said...

I think you look great no matter if your hair is short and long. Long hair gives you classy vibe and shorter hair gives you fresh edge, in my opinion :) but I know what you mean about loving longer hair although it takes forever to do. It's just sooo pretty and feminine :)

Darci said...

Ugh. I hate you. I wish my hair was long.

yours truly dear said...

dorris, put in those extensions already! haha :] also, remember ive been growing it out for a year and a half. that is a freakishly long time.