Wednesday, November 11, 2009


guess what? i won another giveaway! karma has really been going my way ever since i gave that homeless guy twenty bucks :] haha. check me out here at this lovely blog: looks good from the front.

this all started from me going on etsy chat monday night (cue josh mocking me for "chatting" on etsy haha). there were a ton of cool people and inspiring sellers chatting and it was a lot of fun. then everyone started throwing their blog names out and i found all these cool giveaways. (and ive made new twitter friends, who woulda thought?)

and then i won one! seriously, before blogger i had never won anything in my life. thank you blogger! ♥

looking for another giveaway? go check out this one on chuletin designs. she has a few different etsy stores, and this giveaway includes items from two of them. [her stores are cute, go check out her blog for more info!]

if you love giveaways as much as i do, you should really check out this blog too: make it and love it. she always has giveaways going on, and there's always cute posts on how to make fun stuff too. her current giveaway is for sippy cup holders, which i dont need, but you should go check it out!

thanks karma for bringing me up when school is really getting me down. yikes.

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Andhari said...

I like finding new people in internet who share the similar views and interests like mine too :) good for you! Gotta love winning give-aways. Too bad sometimes I can't enter because I live so far away and the shipping itself is expensive :(