Wednesday, November 25, 2009

fun day #2

today we did lots of activities. we met my moms friend laura who is so sweet. there is a house across the street from her for sale and my moms brain is churning! its close to their house, has about an acre, ~less than 5 years old, etc etc. oh, and very affordable (as in, we actually would be saving money compared to what we make now). i dont think i could survive out here in the summer though, so it more than likely will not happen (sorry mom!).

we went into town and went to the store and went to ulta (i wish we had one in provo!) and that was fun. we made tons of food, including rice crispie treats with chocolate ganache on top. yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!! it was quite the treat. tonight we played canasta, which is actually a pretty fun game. josh and my mom will tell you they won, but its questionable...

then we watched angels and demons, which was interesting... you'll probably see a movie review on it soon.

anyways, its late, and the parade comes on at 8am. josh has this crazy notion he will be waking me up and dragging me out to the couch. ha! goodnight ♥

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Darci said...

Fun! They have an Ulta in Draper...let's go! Oh and if you moved to Arizona I would be very mad at you.