Wednesday, October 14, 2009

barf. literally.

so, right when i think i am getting over all my stomach troubles, i throw up. (remember this?) ive been feeling pukey in the mornings lately and ive had some abdominal pain, but i told myself that i've been realtively un-pukey for so long that the gastritis was gone, and nothing was really wrong with me.

then this morning i took my medicine, got ready for school, etc... and then i freaked out and ran to the bathroom and puked a lot. sick. poor josh was standing outside the door going " you like...need anything?" so, either i have swine flu or it's the gastritis here to haunt me. i scheduled an appt with my doctor to meet next week to talk about it.

and if i do have swine flu somehow, all my things go to josh, and darci can have all my clothes/shoes. haha. there, its in writing!

anyways, nothing else is really going on. im just sitting here at home and feeling gross.

ps: have you voted today?

pps: no, i am not pregnant. thanks.


Darci said...

I hope you feel better! Get that stomach issue under control! Tell your doctor that I will shank him if he doesn't fix it. Thanks :)
Oh and PS:
Can I have your purses too?

Juji said...

No you may not have the purses....I'll sell them to you though.

Kimberly said...

Swine flu is a respiratory issue, not you feel better soon!