Sunday, October 11, 2009

my apologies

-for complaining about my morning yesterday. it was sort of a rough day. i know it will get better [hopefully]

-for the scattered layout of my blog. i have a lot going on right now, and not enough organized room on my blog to display it all equally.

-to my business team for the soon-to-be-rotting apples in my fridge.

-for feeling too tired/crappy to go to church today.

-for being too busy to have fun with friends that i havent hung out with in ages.

-to josh for not having gone grocery shopping in over 3 weeks and therefore resorting to pasta/soup/frozen chicken every night, or wendys.

-to my readers for not having interesting posts.

-to my schoolwork for procrastinating. more specifically, to my test tomorrow that will probably not result in a very good grade.



Andhari said...

You don't need to apologize for ranting. Let it all out, at least it helps feeling better. A lot of us would do the same too if we were you, I think you're pretty tough. And I'm sure you could handle it, I hope your friends in the group help more and not let you do most of the work though. Sending long distance hugs your way :)

The Blairs said...

Sorry things are so rough. The whole apples thing just sucks. I hate when other people are incompetent. On another note, I have been voting everyday and you are up to 357 right now. Yea!!