Tuesday, October 20, 2009


this past weekend we went to a hypnotist with our friends shannon and clark. if they were cool and had a blog i would link to it, but they dont. anyways... so we went to this place called wiseguys, over in orem. josh's coworker told him about it, because she went a while back and said it was interesting/funny.

so the show started off with some awful comedians. AWFUL! aweful? awful? whatevs.

they were sooo horrible that we were all embarassed for them. there was slight pity laughter after each joke. they kept saying, "whats the matter provo? pretend like you're in salt lake city, lighten up!" blah blah blah. it wasnt that the jokes were so inappropriate that us provo people were offended. if anything, we were offended by the idiocracy of the jokes being told. then they brought out this little 12 year old comedian and she was funnier than the other 2 guys.

after all the "hilarity" we finally got to the good stuff. the hypnotism! the hypnotist came out in a dracula outfit (awkward) and started off by explaining a bit about hypnotism and did some little examples. like the whole "close your eyes, in one hand there is a bucket of heavy wet sand and the other hand has a string tied with a helium balloon attached..." etc etc

then, he asked for volunteers to come up to the stage. there were like 10 chairs maybe? me and clark both went up on the stage, where we proceeded to be hypnotized. we did some weird relaxing stuff, and then did some weird things like "on the count of 3 you will open up your eyes and look at the palm of my hand. 1-2-3 [we all looked] .... and SLEEP!" then we all zonked out right away. then we were on a busride, where it got too hot, then too cold, etc etc blah blah blah. then we went into a house where we were being chased by bad guys and stuff.

then the hypnotist goes "you will all wake up on the count of 3, and tell the story of what happened to you. with each person the story will get better and better. and 1-2-3!" so a couple people said stuff like "we were being chased..." and then it was my turn. he asked, "what happened in there?" and i said something dumb like "it was worse than that!" and he goes "tell us what happened!"

then i had this weird moment and went: "umm...i cant remember."
hypnotist: "when i snap my fingers, you will remember!" [snaps]
me: "um...yeah...i cant remember." then i awkwardly got out of my chair (realizing i had "woken up" from the hypnotism) and went back to my seat. haha.

the rest of the show was pretty entertaining because our friend clark was still up on stage, and he was the star of the show. he was sooo out it was funny. he was michael jackson and performed thriller, he was a dog and went out in the audience and sat on the lap of his owner and nuzzled them (apparently clarks owner was some random guy and everyone was cracking up over clark nuzzling a dude). clark was also an actor, danced with a guy who he thought was a girl, and other funny things. it was pretty cool that someone we came with stayed up there the whole time, so we knew it wasnt fake.

we are going again this friday to a different one, because now josh wants to see if he can get hypnotized. i kind of want to try again too, because they say the more you go the more susceptible you are to it. so there was our weekend adventure :]


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Andhari said...

My friend goes for this hypntherapy, is it similar to real hypnotost? She's so stressed out and she told me she feels much better after she went. Is it true? hmm, curious.