Saturday, October 24, 2009

2nd trip to the hypnotist...

so, josh wanted to be hypnotized, so we went last night (again) to the hypnotist. jeff and darci came with us, as well as friends from joshs work. josh had prepared himself for the occasion by trying to hypnotize himself via youtube (see here and here). so we got there, sat through the horrible comics again (ugh), and then the hypnotist portion started. it was a different guy doing the hypnotism this time, which was interesting. he did the hypnotism exercises and then did interlacing hands that you couldn't pull apart. if that worked for you, then you had to stand up and then come on the stage. josh and i both went up on stage, as well as two of the friends from our group. i ended sitting back down after a little bit.

so...josh turned out to be the STAR of the show. we were sitting in the audience cracking up so bad, and truly thought he was under the hypnotism. here are some funny things that happened.

josh was peewee hermin. it was a riot:

and then they did the thriller dance and josh was the lead dancer. sooo funny. you can hear me and darci laughing like hyenas when he does his little hip shakin. and you can see josh telling all the other dancers to get up and get moving. its cute hahaha.

these are just a few little snippets. we ordered the dvd they taped and it is going to be delivered to our apt sometime. once we get it we will show more clips and/or bring it to your house to watch haha.

so, come to find out, after the ENTIRE show of believing he was completely hypnotized, he was FAKING it the entire time! which proves he should have his own reality show. it was hard for us all to believe, and we questioned him thoroughly. i didnt believe him when he said he was faking until after he explained everything to me. it really was his neurotic-ness that kept him from going under i think. but he definitely sold it. there were times where we were like "no, he would be laughing right now. he's totally under."

all in all, it was hilarious. enjoy the clips. i love my husband. ♥


MiVidaAsi said... wow. thats all i can say. oh yeah, and IM COMING NEXT TIME!

Amy Eagleston said...


Kristine said...

hahaha! That's the most entertaining thing ever!! Please post more videos. :)

Andhari said...

Oh my god, that is one PURE entertainment there :D

Darci said...

Oh gosh, listen to my cackle. Goodness. It was hilarious though and Josh, you fooled me! I want to try it next time...without faking.

Honeybee said...

Oh goodness. I really want to see that DVD when it comes. I think we should start making little reality show snippets and posting them on youtube so he can become famous. :)