Saturday, September 12, 2009

the crazy cat lady...

this entire post is dedicated to my cat. and yes, some of these pictures have been on the blog before, but whatever. and yes, you can call me a crazy cat lady if you want, but if you dont think this is cute then there is probably something wrong with you...

on both of his fishies
in my sewing supplies
inside a bag (he has a plastic bag obsession. he likes to bite them)
his usual tv spot
lounging on my lap
posing on his chair
lounging in my lap again
taking advantage of my first-week-of-school mess
sleeping on the bed with me
sleeping on the couch with josh
napping with josh in bed
napping on the couch with josh
and again, napping on the couch

seriously, if you dont think any of those are cute then you must be an animal and all around cuteness-hater. who needs a baby when you have jay-z?


Andhari said...

He's soooo cute, especially in the first picture!:)

miku said...

That last picture is so cute!

miku said...

I can't do it, I know I sound like such a wuss, but I saw a guy on TV when I was thirteen who scratched his eye with a lash that fell in his contact. That's where my paranoia comes from.

simply seleta said...

He is hilarious!!!! And soooo sweet. You can just tell by the pictures. Pom Pom is sending him a purr right now.