Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i am going slightly crazy

school is crazy already. ALREADY!!! ahhhhhhhhhh. i have so much work for my entrepreneurship class--i really hope it is worth it in the end. my GIS class is already over my head. my conservation biology class is going to be a nightmare, and i have a 7 page single-spaced paper due next thursday. my vegetation improvement class is ok now, but im sure it will get interesting... and lastly: plant id team. i really underestimated how much work this is going to be.

here is my average week with plant id:
tuesday--meeting for an hour to learn 30+ plants
thursday--class for an hour to learn about range stuff (...?)
friday--meet for 3 hours to be tested on earlier learned plants, and go over them
that is 5 hours a week, not including all the studying i have to do so i know all my plants

on top of that: work for 20 hours a week at the herbarium, do volunteer work so i can keep my scholarship, do all the work for my classes, eat, sleep, etc etc etc.

im sorry, does it sound like im complaining? because.... i am.

in other news, i have been trying to increase my pampering time (because of above stress-causing activities). i went and got a facial yesterday night. it was delightful. i also have all the essentials i need to give myself a professional manicure (minus that whole cosmetology school thing). thank you sally's beauty supply. and now, time for my "beauty rest." goodnight folks ♥


Tumbleweed Woman said...

Ohhh I feel your pain. I already have two papers, an exam and a presentation this week! And it's only the third week of school... oh dear. But you can do it! Just keep pampering yourself; it's necessary.

Andhari said...

Self pampering really makes me feel better because school is definitely crazy for me too. I bail on my music for a while and my social hours because i have to start writing thesis and i still have so much more assignments to do. I feel like screaming.