Wednesday, June 17, 2009


monday we went hiking up tie fork (a stream in spanish fork canyon). we hiked down a trail that was about 1.5 miles in slippery, steep mud. then we hiked down the stream for 2 miles. after that, we had to hike back up the 2 miles of stream, and then the 1.5 miles up the steep hill. let me tell you, it killed me. it was the hardest i have worked this summer (hiking-wise). we stopped like a billion times to catch our breath. my legs were killing me, my back was killing me, mud was caking on to our boots and adding about 5 extra pounds per shoe. it was CRAZY! two days later and i am still extremely sore. even walking up or down stairs is like OWWWW!!!!

the point i was getting at? this one day excursion really kicked my trash and im still feeling it..

in other news, the work week is almost over. then this weekend is my sister-in-law's baby shower i am throwing for her (yay!). then in like 2 weeks we are going to phoenix to stay with my parents for a week, during which we will be going to see Beyonce! the current dilemma? should we drive, or fly? we found cheap tickets the other day but we waited and now theyve gone up. [we're kicking ourselves over it, believe me.]

what would you do? drive ~12 hours each way, or pay about $460 total to jump on a 1 hour flight??


Andhari said...

I'd choose flights if it's gonna be over 10 hours to go there by land transportation. I don't know, long road trips will always make me moody but maybe that's just me.

me said...

The drive really isn't that bad. We have done it (with kids) and it is actually kind of a cool drive in areas. It won't take you more than 10 hours.

Honeybee said...

I am so sore from moving...same thing. I am feeling it days after. Hope you get feeling less sore soon :)