Sunday, June 21, 2009

sarah's baby shower!!

so my dear sister-in-law sarah is pregoooo! she is due august 15th i think. i threw her a fun little shower on saturday. it was great timing because it's when her grandmother and aunt were in town (love you mok and cathy!). sarah is having a boy, and theyre naming him Griffin Mikel Blair. cute, no? :]

pregnant! (not me...her)

4 generations!!

doing an animal baby name game

aunt cathy and my little sunny bunny!

the little girls table :]

present time!

sarah's mother-in-law made this adorable quilt!

(the back)
the prizes :]

uncle joshy

guess the # of skittles game, and thank-you card envelopes

decorations hanging from the table chandelier

the table set up

the food counter, before. there were also fruit and veggie trays, and soda

heart cookies!

cathy and sunny again, being all cute

the party favors!

thanks jeff and darci for helping me make the cinnamon rolls!!

it was a lovely party. i kind of want to be a party planner/caterer. it sounds fun. the website that i got a lot of my ideas from is inchmark. dont you love the internet?

love you sarah! congrats about the baby coming ♥


The Blairs said...

Wow, you really did get lots of pictures. I'm so glad. Thanks so much. It turned out so good. You know I've always thought you should be a party planner/thrower, and this confirmed it. You are great at it.

By the way... no more pics of me and you together until I am skinny again.

Oh yeah, and thanks for not mentioning I ate 7 chicken salad sandwiches :)

Liv said...

If I ever have a baby someday, I hope someone as talented as you plans a baby shower for me!