Saturday, June 13, 2009

favorite things giveaway bonanza...

so, there is this blog that i like to look at sometimes, called fantabulously frugal. she posts cool deals, free stuff, and has lots of giveaways. like this one! [i linked directly to this giveaway above because she posts a lot of cool stuff and i want people to be able to find it]. so in this giveaway, she is offering a buttload of her favorite things! seriously, the list is long.

to enter the giveaway, you have to complete the google form on her blogpost. when you enter [if you want to], reference that you saw it on my blog (which will give both you and me an extra entry!)

considering that i never win anything, i want to win all these goodies! haha. oh wait, there was that one time i won a magazine subscription from liv's blog. [but then a few months later the magazine went under, which i blame on myself since the winning gods were probably like oh wait we made a mistake haha].

so, go enter everyone!!

and on that note, so this blogpost isnt entirely un-personal, a short list of my favorite things :]
1. juji and tiddy
2. my family
3. our bffs (which to be honest mainly includes jeff and darci, because we love them)
4. our nice 2 bedroom apartment that we can afford
5. our summer jobs which provide money for the rest of the year haha
6. encouraging, nice, and supporting friends (like people who bring me plants for no reason :])
7. the in-laws. i love them all.
8. couponing (i saved like $100 bucks the other day and only spent $40)
9. my new phone (the EnV touch)
10. having fridays off

there are obviously a lot more things to that list, but i said it would be short ♥

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Los Jones said...

that blogger is giving away so much stuff! its insane!
i love that you're so into coupons. haha