Saturday, May 30, 2009

outfit du jour, day 30 (the last day!?!)

please disregard my umm...shiny face. (how embarrassing). i should have used a little powder haha.

anyways, here is the outfit broken down:
vest: forever 21
blue v-neck: forever 21
black tank: wet seal
jeans: urban behavior
flats: wild diva


what have i learned from this experience? i own a lot of clothes from forever 21, and i wear the same pants too much. at least i got some new flats for the last day haha. ♥


Andhari said...

Cute vest, and cute yellow shoes :)

Honeybee said...

As always you are dressed super cute and stylish! You are my go-to girl for fashion advice now. You look good in anything too! :)

me said...

i really like the vest. i don't think i could pull the vest thing and darci and all your skinniness can pull whatever you want off.

Liv said...

i had a blast at forever21 yesterday. i hadn't been in so long. i'm proud to say i only walked away with four items of clothing. i bought the scoop neck version of the shirt you're wearing! yay for aqua!!