Wednesday, May 6, 2009

outfit du jour, day 22

top: forever 21
blue tank: urban outfitters
cords: gap
shoes: vintage 'joyce'

yes, all of these are repeats. im running out of clothes. why did i choose 30 days??

[not sure what this is about? click here]

ps: i really want to see No Doubt at the E Center on may 25, but josh will be camping for work....anyone want to go???!! (w/paramore and the sounds!)


Tumbleweed Woman said...

Hey Jess,
Haha okay so I'm not typically one of the facebook stalker types, but I've been slaving away at an extraordinarily dreadful paper and suddenly I'm lurking around on facebook! But so I stumbled upon you because I didn't recognize your name at first, and then I remembered... oh yeah! That really cool girl that I met one crazy night where we were the two designated drivers... ha! I checked out your blog - hope you don't mind - and I love your daily outfit pictures! So fun! Looks like your life is good and groovy!

Andhari said...

the top is so cute :)