Thursday, May 7, 2009

exercising, jay-z, and what to do today...

so, as most of you know i have been sick since christmas. things have been getting a little better the last month. i havent thrown up in a few weeks, which is always good. ive been off caffeine since march 26 after i got back from the surgery center. ive been taking vitamins, and attempting to eat better.

side note~~~
i do not eat well. there. i said it. i ate well when i lived at home and my parents made me healthy organic food. now im poor and lazy so most dinners are just alfredo or fast food or something. PLEASE DONT JUDGE ME!!! (ive been trying to get better!)

ok, back to my health issues. so since i have been sick for so long, my only exercise has been walking across campus for school. ive been too scared to exercise, which has made me scared for my summer job. so this week i was determined to do some kind of exercise. monday i got all excited and went to the byu gym. that was a bust, because apparently you have to be a full time student when you go to use the gym, or pay money. i was like well thats dumb i go full time fall/winter. laaaaaaame!! so i went home and did crunches and lifted weights.

yesterday i did crunches/weights again, and decided to do something stupid. go running. now...everyone should know i do not go running...i only run in life or death situations. so, basically i ran like 4 blocks and then almost died of an asthma attack. stupid. today my legs are sore. (from FOUR blocks!!! how sad is that!?!)

anyways, so hopefully i wont die this summer from hiking all over utah.

now, to address my baby: isnt he adorable???he was so determined to sit on my lap this morning that he literally wiggled under my keyboard to sprawl out. he is freakishly cute, i know :]

now, instead of working today at the herbarium, i think im just going to check out the library. my friend darci and i got library cards a couple weeks ago and i havent gone yet. im kind of excited! (altho scared i might get lost and look dumb inside).

maybe i'll even walk over there to count as exercise ;] haha

have a lovely thursday!!

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Andhari said...

Your cat is cute :)

Anyhoo I have the same problem with running, can't stand it. How about trying out a fun work out class, like body combat or pilates maybe?:)