Friday, June 27, 2008

my job

everyone always asks me what i do for work. for a while i didnt even know. but now that ive been doing it for 4 weeks, i finally have it down. ;] so i will just save time and explain it here for everyone to read.

first of all, i have a cool title: Hydrologic Technician

we go out in the field and walk streams. we test and measure stability of banks and stream beds, classify stream types, take pictures, test water quality, measure flow, and take lots of field notes. in the office we put all of our info and pictures together into a field report, or work on organizing water rights files.

so thats what i do. a lot of hiking and measuring and picture taking. i like it. its also nice because im seeing all the cool parts of utah, because all the riparian areas in the state are so pretty.


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

your job sounds so cool (and technical)! i sit in a cubicle and try not to remind myself it's summer outside, whilst your meandering around inspecting streams in the hot, hot goodness!

yours truly said...

haha yeah its pretty good. my legs got so sore this week because we were up in duchesne and it was all hills. but at least you have ac and you arent surrounded by mosquitoes all the time :]