Thursday, May 14, 2009

im still alive

i made it through this work week. barely. this week has been crazy busy, and honestly it has made me ignore my apartment. everything has just gotten messier and messier in the past 4 days. it was such a huge relief when i came home from work today, looking forward to the 3 day weekend ahead :]

my sweet hubby had spaghetti ready to eat when i got home from work! afterwards, instead of taking a hot shower and a nap, i cleaned up the apartment a bit, changed clothes, and put makeup on. then i went to a church activity that was a scavenger hunt kind of deal. that was fun.

then i came home and played hairdresser and cut and dyed josh's hair. it looks bomb. i love playing hairdresser....i still have a little desire to go to hair school. maybe someday. or i will just cut josh's hair and my future kids hair for the rest of my life and be content.

i would do an outfit of the day post, but im basically wearing this same outfit tonight: [the second one shown]. maybe tomorrow since i will be deliciously sleeping in, i will be able to dress all pretty and restart my outfit du jour series.

until then, goodnight and i love you all ♥


Liv said...

I'm so glad you survived all the sun and fun at work this week!

Andhari said...

You can cut and style hair? WOWWWW that'd so come in handy, I can't even cut my own bangs it'll look soooo weird i depend too much on salon. Enjoy your long weekend :)