Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i heart coupons

spent: 14.19
saved: 14.49

*colgate toothpaste for 50 cents (original price: 3.99)
*rhodes rolls sticky buns for 69 cents (original price: 2.89)
*lunch meat for $2.50 (original price: 5.49)

it was cool. i am boring and exhausted from work. yesterday my neck and my right arm got extremely sunburnt from hiking for 2 hours. i didnt think we would go out in the field on our first day (and no one else did either), so none of us brought sunscreen! ive been piling on the aloe lotion!!

from now on im carrying my sunscreen in my purse everyday!! :]


Kimberly said...

How were the boots?

Andhari said...

One sad thing about shopping here is we barely have coupons, sure there are some vouchers but not daily coupons.