Friday, May 1, 2009

bon voyage

**i realized that the picture from my last post where we are with amy was actually taken winter semester of 08. my bad... (i think everything else is correct haha)

today i have been playing caterer. i kind of like it. anyone need a caterer for their wedding? im experienced :] haha. i made chicken salad sandwiches w/grapes, and cucumber sandwiches with a mint/cream cheese spread. i cut up a billion veggies to make veggie platters. im kind of excited that i did it all by myself. (im weird like that and i like making food by myself)

so, as most of you know, tomorrow my little sister is getting married. pictures and stories soon to come :]

we are off for an all day adventure tomorrow, and then going to anniversary inn. (hollaaa for 1 year!)

so ummmmm yeah i need sleep now. happy weekend!! ♥

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Andhari said...

I think cooking is cool, and I wish I could make something impressive like you do :)