Thursday, April 30, 2009

happy anniversary juji!!

since i dont know when else i have time to do this, i am doing it NOW! on sunday joshua and i will have been married for A YEAR! woohooooo go us!! :] i decided to do a picture montage of us from the beginning to now. (i look awful in some of these pictures so just ignore that fact...)

from the beginning:

we met in class. this was when we were friends (Jan 07)

this is when we went camping and a little bit after this moment i asked him to be my bf (6-07)

with one of my best friends, amy, when we were dating (fall 07)

at sarah and ryans house, when we were dating (fall 07)

trip to maine, when we were dating (nov 07)

we got engaged, then we went to alabama/florida (12-07/1-08)

we got our engagement pictures done in salt lake city [thank you duston todd] (02-08)

we got married may 3, 2008 at the salt lake city temple

leaving the reception (vh1 quotes all over the car hahaha)

at disneyland on our honeymoon

vegas [went with our friends jeff and darci] (summer 08)


maine for thanksgiving

now :]

[warning, sappiness ahead]

Juji i love you soooooo much and i am so glad we got married. deciding to be with you forever was the best decision ive ever made. you are always so good to me and youre always on my side. you are very understanding, and you calm me down when im stressed or frazzled. you make me happy, you make me smile, and most of all you make me laugh.

i love you! happy 1 year baby ♥


The Blairs said...

Since it's your anniversary I guess you're allowed to be sappy. That was very sweet and cool pictures. I'm glad you married Joshy too. I couldn't have asked for a better sis-in-law, or a better Aunt for my kids. We love you!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

it's gross how cute you are. <3

Honeybee said...

SO CUTE!!! Hopefully one day I will find the Jam to my Peanut butter. Hope your day is wonderful! :)