Wednesday, April 29, 2009

me, jay-z, and outfit du jour (#20)

today i was on the computer and jay-z came and snuggled all up on me. it was adorable. it proves he does like me [sometime]. it was cuuuuute:

ok, outfit du jour time: (#20)
purple headband: forever 21
blouse: charlotte russe (like the only thing i own from them)
jeans: urban behavior (i really need to get more jeans)
silver flats: target
[not sure what this is about? see here.]

then, tonight, we were playing cards with jeff and darci. jay-z laid down in joshs new shoe box (got new converse shoes--hottt). he is so adorable i got picture happy...haha :]

[other good news: got a 3.5 gpa this semester! hollaaaaaa!]


Liv said...

i especially love the bag of snack-sized candy bars in your photo.

yours truly dear said...

haha oh dear...thats embarassing! i do dumb stuff like that all the time and then i dont realize that everyone on the internet can see it hahaha. im a fatty :]