Sunday, May 3, 2009

rachel got married! may 2, 2009

rachel got married yesterday in the ogden temple. it was lovely. unfortunately the weather was...quite rainy. so i didnt take any pictures outside of the temple, but i know that some were taken by the photographer (because my beautiful hair got ruined in the process). after that we went to a luncheon. the first picture is from that, and the rest are from the reception at zack's house. it was a fun day, and rachel hatch is now rachel loud! congrats!

me and mackenzie (betsy's daughter)

these amazing girls (betsy and hilary) helped me assemble all the sandwiches

the final layout of the food (desert was on the island)

my dad fell asleep :] it was so cute haha

ta daaaaaaa! the couple of the hour!

me and rachie

the cake (his mom made it)

the card thing in the entry way to put cards in, and their pictures etc

the living room was all set up

close up of the centerpiece (with balloons up above it)

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Juji said...

i took most of these're welcome everyone.

PS: Credit to Jess and her mom for coming up with the whole food idea. If it weren't for them, I would have starved at the reception.