Monday, March 23, 2009

yay for birfdays!!

everyone has seriously been so nice to me today. it made me feel really good about myself to be honest. people texted me, facebooked me, wrote blogs about me (love you josh and darci!), dropped off presents and treats, etc. it was awesome. basically i love all my friends/lover/family.

my parents got me an awesome new camera:

i LOVE it!! and now i can have that goal finally crossed off on my 22 by 22 list! isnt it beautiful? because of the magic of opening presents early, i have been able to take pictures since saturday, as seen below...

josh decorated the house for me so when i got home on saturday it looked like this. and there were flower petals on the table and the whole house was clean and beautiful. and there were balloons everywhere.

kitty finally decided to check out the balloons. he was being so cute!!

our bffs, darci and jeff

today, my boys--josh is playing grand theft auto and kitty is sleeping

juji got me a nordstroms gift card so i could buy make-up. we went to the mall tonight and i bought MAC foundation and 2 eye-shadows. i love mac makeup. {sigh}

the end. its been awesome. i love you all.


Darci said...

I look rough. But Happy Birthday!!!

yours truly dear said...

psh you always look good darci