Sunday, March 22, 2009

19-ish by 22... haha

goal wrap-up...

as most people know i have been doing 22 goals to complete by my 22nd birthday. well, tomorrow is my birthday, so here is the progress i've made. basically i have done all but 14 (didn't get accepted), 18 (no desire to eat them anymore), and 19 (i set it up for my sewing but thats about it). so here they are in all their glory:

1. get an 85 and above in all my classes (check!)
2. get a sewing machine and make lots of cool stuff (check!)
3. cook more real food (not just mac n cheese or frozen chicken everynight) (check!)
4. try to read my scriptures every night (check!)
5. participate in more service activities (semi-check?)
6. go to more relief society/church activities (i've been working on this one) (check!)
7. get good at little big planet (check!)
8. make some sort of budget to better our [lack of] accounting (check!)
9. go to the temple more often (1-2 times per month) (check!)
10. get a new camera and bring it everywhere so i can take more pictures (check!)
11. make bread like they have at macaroni grill (check!)
12. organize my closet, and take stuff to plato's closet (check!)
13. make my wedding album (check!)
14. get accepted into a career program with the forest service (r.i.p.)
15. figure out more ways to make our apartment eco-friendly (check!)
16. eat more vegetables (well...any, at this point) (check!)
17. try to do my 5 happy things list every day (check!)
18. make lemon bars from scratch
19. clean up our spare bedroom (unpack and put everything in storage) and make it cute
20. finish all my outside reading for my religion class (check!)
21. declutter/reorganize the kitchen so more stuff fits anywhere besides the counter (check!)
22. have sunny and jackson over for a sleepover (hopefully more than once...!) (check!)


Liv said...

awesome! happy birthday! hope the dr's visit goes well!

(exclamation points! sorry, i got carried away with them)

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

happy birthday!

The Blairs said...

23. Have Sunny puke all over your carpet. (check)

yours truly dear said...


Anonymous said...

hmmm, number 7 is questionable...

yours truly dear said...

rude bj!