Friday, March 20, 2009

health update

so...these past two or three weeks my symptoms started getting worse...and then pain was added. so im like great now im having ulcer pains and i feel like doodoo all the time. ive missed more classes than probably my whole college career put together (minus that one semester when i ignored the fact that i was taking bio 120...thats a different story).

so today i just could not wake up, and then when i tried i had to lay back down because i almost threw up. i just felt awful. so i finally got it together and went to the health center today. thank goodness i did!! the doctor that i saw was awesome. she listened to my symptoms, looked in my old files, felt my stomach, etc. she sent me to the lab to get some tests done, and then met with me afterwards. she thinks that since before i was primarily nauseaous and now i have pain, that i actually have a gallbladder problem.

so monday morning i am getting an ultrasound of the gallbladder. (what a lovely activity to do on my birthday..) hopefully after that things will get better and figured out. and i know this is a boring post to read, but i just wanted to have it on my blog instead of telling everyone all the time. so there you have it.


Darci said...

Get better...:(

emily said...

I had gallbladder trouble my senior year of high school. No fun. It's all taken care of now, so it's much better, but if that's what it is, I feel your pain. SO SORRY!!!

Jamie and JD said...

I hope that everything goes well for you today and that you get feeling better!!