Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i love lists

first of all, things i should be doing right now:
-studying for my music test (yawn)
-preparing for the review session im giving tomorrow (yikes)
-showering (yeah right)
-sleeping (sounds nice)

second, a list-related update! so for my 22 by 22 goals, i wanted to do my happy list every day. honestly, i have probably only missed 5 days or so since i made it a goal. i have been writing my lists every day in this:
this is a book that my mom gave me a long time ago. the covers are handmade, and its really awesome. its such a nice little journal book though that i never wanted to use it because i wanted to save it for something special. so in the end of august i started to write my happy list in it.

the other day i filled the whole book. it spanned from 8-30-08 to 3-14-09. i wrote down 5 things every day. so i wanted to include some samples from a few entries for your reading pleasure. some are random/cute/embarrassing/funny. enjoy:

-9-16-08: "Josh still loves me even though/when I'm stupid" (this is a common theme in my happy book haha...)
-9-18-08: "yummy food, playstation, and my lover"
-9-27-08: "Allie is soo nice and let me print off my talk at her apartment"
-10-1-08: "we can run now in Pixel Junk Monsters"
-10-6-08: "Ron Minsky got published...ha..ha..ha.."
-10-7-08: "Sarah posted a really sweet blog about Sunny saying I was her favorite person and it was adorable and made me feel good about myself"
-11-1-08: "I farted really loud at McDonalds and no one heard it"
-11-4-08: "Obama! Obama! Obama!"
-11-10-09: "We beat that hard asian world in Little Big Planet"
-11-17-08: "Josh is nice to me even tho im stressed and therefore a crankenstein"
-11-19-08: "I know the church is true"
-12-1-08: "Bob is okay and didnt need surgery"
-12-7-09: "Making amends with [an old friend]"
-12-10-08: "finding a christmas tree in front of our door when i got home"
-12-17-08: "We beat all the LBP levels!"
-1-7-09: "Playing monopoly...I let Josh win since i won last time"
-1-9-09: "winning @ spades w/Darci"
-1-13-09: "I got told I look beautiful"
-1-16-09: "I'm not pregnant; i can afford to buy pregnancy tests"
-1-23-09: "fun games w/jeff and darci and being the SPADES CHAMPIONS!"
-2-10-09: "Donuts♥"
-2-18-09: "Josh called me cute :] (even tho i looked like doodoo)"
-2-25-09: "Mellissa called me smart"
-3-13-09: "slept slept slept"

yay for my goals. and yay for all the happy moments in my life, and all my friends and family who i love :]


Juji said...

wow, the entry from 1-23 didn't last long did it?...also, I like all the video game entries. :)

Honeybee said...

YAY! I am glad that some of the things I say make you happy! :) I also like all of the video game entries. I wonder what you guys fill your time with... :)

yours truly dear said...

joshua you are rude and as such you are taking value away from my happiness. contemplate that!

Juji said...

good grief dr. phil

Whit said...

Oh my gosh, Jess, those are so fun! I laughed out loud at the farted at Mcdonalds one. But, I think anything do with farting is hilarious. I know, I'm 12.

yours truly dear said...

i thought it was funny too whit :] haha. i almost didnt write it since its embarrassing, but it was too funny to pass up..