Wednesday, March 25, 2009

health update, part a billion

so...its not my gallbladder. apparently that is perfectly fine. i was so mad when i found out it wasnt. i know that may sound weird but i really just want to know what the problem is and GET IT FIXED ALREADY!!! so, tomorrow i am going to get an EGD (i think thats what its called anyway). they put a scope down your throat and look at your stomach/small intestine. i hope and pray they find something. if not, i really just feel like giving up and feeling awful all the time.

i couldnt wake up today. the one time i did get up i just threw up. then i went back to sleep until 2pm. this is getting ridiculous. all the good grades i thought i was going to get this semester are slowly slipping away. poor joshua has to deal with me all the time just feeling crappy. i try to put on a good face around other people, and usually it works. but at the same time its like if i fake it too much then people will think i'm just faking that im sick. so, attention everyone, i am sick and i will pretend like i am not when im around you. [that should suffice, right?]

anyways, i didnt want this to be me feeling sorry for myself. i just wanted everyone to know whats going on. thats the deal, hopefully tomorrow we will find out more.


Darci said...

Jessie Poo. Get feeling better! I hope they figure out what is wrong with you. If you are sick around us just tell us!!! We will leave you alone! I love you!!

yours truly dear said...

oh but i dont want you to ever leave me alone! i love you guys!

Honeybee said...

I hope that they figure out soon what is wrong. I felt awful all summer and even last semester with headaches and such...they finally went away, but every once in a while I get a really good one. P.S.- On an un-related topic your new camera takes wonderous pictures. They are crisp, clear, and just awesome! :)

Liv said...

BOO. Not knowing what's wrong is so hard. I hope you discover something (and that it isn't too bad!) at your next visit!!!

Kristine said...

That sucks, I'm sorry!! Not knowing is always the worst. Well, that, and trying to strike a balance between "I don't want people to feel sorry for me," and "I want people to know I really am sick," is also the worst. So... go to Dr. House. He knows everything.

But to comment on two posts at once... congrats on the housing scholarship!! That's great news!!