Wednesday, February 11, 2009


seeing as its almost valentines day (which is a holiday we dont really celebrate), i thought i would spice things up and write a list of things i love (in no particular order):

+when joshy makes me cinnamon toast
+make up (i did a make-up workshop tonight and it was awesome)
+jay-z. hes cute. unless he wont stop meowing.
+clothes. i am crazy for clothes. its bad.
+along those lines, shoes. you can never have enough shoes
+having the best hubby EVER
+being an aunt (i love you kids!!)
+having brothers[in-law]. i always wanted a brother growing up.
+having good friends. i love you guys!!!
+when people leave comments on my blogs
+making things, pretending to be creative, etc
+being productive
+good tv shows (i love money 2, hollaaa)
+the gospel. i love the church and its one of those things that is always there for you. its really made me who i am today.
+my family. i lovvve you! (this also includes my in-laws! and mok and pok and cathy and terry!)
+when i make food and people like it
+when i make art and people like it
+when people like me
+playing spades. me and darci are champions.
+how im kind of the student boss at work muahahaha
+sleeping. especially snuggling under the covers when its cold.

obviously this is not all inclusive, but im going to eat my cinnamon toast now. ♥


Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

I don't know what it is but there's something magical about cinnamon toast. I love it too.

Juji said...

why must you lie to everyone??? Jeff and I are clearly the Spades champions as of right now. "Take a chance on me...take a chance on me"!!!

yours truly dear said...

joshua, no you are not. just face it. you guys lied and said we were tied (that rhymes!) just so you could get ahead. when really, NOW we're tied. thats official. let it be known. also, why are you arguing about it when i say so many nice things about you in this post!?

Juji said...

I'm not arguing, i'm setting the record straight. Jeff would want the truth to be told.

Whit said...

good list Jess! I too am a little obsessed with sleeping/snuggling when its cold & definitely cinnamon toast. My husband had never had it when we got married! Luckily, I opened his eyes to a whole new cinnamon-lovin world!

Honeybee said...

Pretending to be creative...I love this one too! i try very often to di it. :)