Friday, February 13, 2009

fab friday: josh saved my life

ok, so i am in love with this lady's blog. i read it all the time. plus, our cats are basically bff. she is having a fabulous friday segment that i would like to participate in today! (and maybe in the future, we shall see!)

for fabulous friday, and in honor of valentines day, i would like to share a story that illustrates how amazing my husband is:

one night, i shaved my legs. (bear with me, this story isnt gross i promise!)

the only lotion we had was this walmart brand lotion, so after the shower i used that to moisturize. i didnt think anything of it. i went to bed and slept sweetly.

the next morning, i woke up and my legs were on fire. itchy beyond belief!! i have never experienced such itchyness before!!! i washed them, tried to lather on anti-itch creme, and ran cold water over them. still itchy. before i knew it i couldnt help it and was crying like a baby. it was like 6-something am, and i had a class to be to at 8. i was just sitting in the bathtub, running cold water over my legs, and crying.

joshua, being the sweet husband that he was, got up from bed and drove to smiths. he came back with a box of benedryl for me. basically, he saved me that day. (and i learned my lesson and bought good lotion to use, altho i was scared to shave again for a little while...)

the end. i love josh. ♥

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The Blairs said...

Oh Josh, next time Sarah needs something I will call you, so you can pick up her stuff also. If I shave my legs will you come help me?