Tuesday, February 10, 2009

people are gross

especially at the grammys. grossest people or outfits of the night:

miley. [i know...need i say more? yes, i think i will..]
DIS-GUST-ING!! i was glad when she sang because she sounded awful and it proves to everyone that she can not sing and is beyond gross. yes, i have miley hate.

M.I.A. ok....i admit i like that one song 'paper planes'. but that does not mean that you are allowed to go out in public looking like THIS. no one wants to see that honey. especially wrapped up in THAT. ew.

katy perry. barf. she got popular from one stupid song, has a weird obsession with bananas, and can not sing very well. at all. especially live. yikes...

carrie underwood. i dont hate you. i dont like country, but i actually think you are normally a cute girl. and i love polka dots, dont get me wrong, but not when they look this this. youre just one step away from M.I.A. in this baby.

for more ugly/shocking fashion sense, check out the hilarious blog go fug yourself (which is where these pictures came from).


Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

carrie underwoods hair looks bad but i loved m.i.a.'s outfits! she was due to give birth that night. i love her. haha

yours truly dear said...

she is one crazy cat. i just thought the polka dot ensemble was a bit much haha.

Alison + Brandon said...

Right on. Katy Perry is the devil incarnate. I give MIA a pass because "Paper Planes" is pretty awesome, but wow...that dress. And I love the Fug girls--I am happiest when they are writing about Tilda Swinton.