Monday, February 2, 2009

letters, a series:

dear utah,
thank you for warming up a bit so the snow/ice could melt a little. please dont snow again soon.

dear fate,
thanks for not letting anyone walk up to school at the same time as me so i wouldnt feel self conscious as i walked up the stairs and was breathing [very] heavily.
i appreciate it,

dear academic advisor,
thank you for letting me withdraw from my dreaded ornithology class and let me take any other major-related class i want in its place. i will be taking riparian analysis. and also thanks for letting me also substitute my mammalogy class in advance. i was dreading that one too.
many thanks,

dear plant,
i dont know which one of you it was, but i do not like having my finger balloon up into one giant hive at work. it is puffy and bright red, and itchy/irritating. i will find you and you will get it!
your worst nightmare


Liv said...

hee hee

you're funny.

Jeni said...

you are funny. :)

Honeybee said...

Nice! No more birds? You should have taken it with Dr. Black. You and Josh's marriage would have been to subject of the class. Hooray for no Mammology! I am telling you those academic advisers are angels!

emily said...

I laughed out loud. Love it!

Darci said...

This is why you are my favorite.