Sunday, February 1, 2009


i finally sold one of my laptop cases. that makes me feel better about myself haha. sad, huh? i am relying on random strangers for confidence boosters. on that note, if i have time i think i want to start making 8x10" versions of my attempt at artwork and maybe sell a couple. (thanks rubi and darci for being my confidence boosters on those).

happy sunday. im off to study plants. ♥


Liv said...

You could definitely sell your "doodles." Stuff like that is always selling on etsy!!

emily said...

I definitely think you should. And make some that go together so that people could buy three and hang them in a series...just a suggestion. :)

Darci said... since I boosted your confidence do I get a discount??

yours truly dear said...

ha ha ha. just you wait darci :]

and thanks for the idea emily!